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Study Abroad

Japanese Studies students are encouraged to participate in the UC Education Abroad Program (EAP), Opportunities Abroad Program (OAP), or UC San Diego Global Seminars while still making progress towards completing their major or minor.

Check out this testimonial Youtube video which UC San Diego students created after returning from their study abroad programs in Japan! For more information, contact Study Abroad UC San Diego (

Once you decide to participate in a study abroad program, schedule an appointment with the Japanese Studies Program coordinator to discuss your academic plan, course petitioning process, and other related information. 

Transfer Equivalencies

Students may petition any upper division study abroad courses to use them for their Japanese Studies major/minor requirements. See the guidelines below. 

Before Leaving Abroad

To have your Study Abroad APF form signed off electronically, email your APF form at Enter "Study Abroad APF Form: (Name), (PID), (Japanese Studies major/minor)" in the subject line. I will sign off and return it to you via email. 

Students considering studying abroad should discuss their plans with the Japanese Studies Advisor before going abroad. Students should note that:

  • study abroad courses to be transferred toward the major or minor must be the equivalent of at least four quarter upper division units at UC San Diego 
  • study abroad courses must be taken for a letter grade
  • study abroad courses must consist of minimum 50% Japan-related topics 
  • courses must involve as much work as UC San Diego upper division courses

IMPORTANT: Student will need to be able to provide supporting evidence of all abroad courses to be applied to their major or minor. Please save all syllabi, papers, and exams.

Returning From Abroad

Please follow the instructions carefully to petition abroad courses toward a Japanese Studies Major or Minor.

Undergraduate Student Petitions forms are available here.

  1. Fill out an Undergraduate Student Petition form for each course.
  2. Include course number and course title and attach all syllabi, handouts, papers, and exams.
  3. If abroad transcript has not been forwarded to UC San Diego, attach an unofficial copy. (Students may petition abroad courses pending receipt of official transcript verifying appropriate transfer credits and grade.)
  4. Submit your petition to the Japanese Studies advisor as instructed on How to Petition Courses.
  5. The Japanese Studies advisor will contact you via the VAC upon approval. At the same time, these courses will be entered into your degree audit.
  6. It is advised to schedule a placement exam immediately upon return if you wish to continue your Japanese language studies at UC San Diego.