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We do not offer a degree program for graduate students. However, there are teaching assistantship positions and fellowship opportunities available.

Teaching Assistantships


The Program in Japanese Studies accepts applications for Japanese language Teaching Assistants at various times for upcoming quarters. Please view this page periodically to check when TA applications are being accepted and be sure to apply on or before the deadline date. Grad students are usually hired at 50% time, working 20 hours per week and teaching five 50-minute tutorial sections on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays under an instructor's supervision. All the lesson plans will be provided by our instructors. Being employed as a Teaching Assistant for the Japanese language program qualifies a grad student with a substantial fee remission during each quarter of employment. Click here for the brief description of Japanese TA duties.


Applicants must be fluent in the Japanese language, should speak the standard variety of Japanese, and should have knowledge of fundamental Japanese grammar and culture. JAPN TAs are required to have exceptional interpersonal communication skills, understanding of the Japanese business culture and importance of collectiveness, and strong sense of team work as they team-teach and work closely with the instructors and other TAs. They also must keep a GPA of 3.0 or above in order to work as a JAPN TA.

JAPN TA Application Steps

Applicants for FA23 must be able to perform the duties of Teaching Assistant from September 25, 2023 through December 16, 2023.

UC San Diego Graduate Students:

    1. Submit your application online by May 14, 2023:     
        ALL Current Teaching Assistants must reapply each quarter for the position.

    2. Submit your tentative FA23 class schedule to Tokuda-sensei at no later than May 28, 2023.

    Note: Applicants could be disqualified if their home departments do not approve our hiring requests by June 4, 2023. Applicants will receive their application results by June 18, 2023.


Non UC San Diego Graduate Students:

We are now accepting new applications for the 2023-2024 JAPN Non-Student Tutor positions. If you are interested in working as a JAPN NST in FA23 and beyond, please submit your application within April, 2023.

Required application documents:
    1. Submit your application online here:    
    2. Email a PDF copy of the below application materials to 
a) a statement of purpose hand-written in Japanese (in 楷書)
         b) your resume or CV detailing language and teaching background

Application deadline:
April 30, 2023

 Applicants will receive their application results by June 30, 2023.

Joseph Naiman Graduate Fellowship

The Japanese Studies Program is pleased to announce a call for proposals for graduate students who are conducting research on Japan. Joseph Naiman Graduate Fellowships in Japanese Studies mini-grants are intended for summer and academic research for 2023-2024. Applicants can apply for up to $10,000 to support research and study on Japan.

We are now accepting applications.

Fellowship eligibility:

Applicants must conduct their research in Japan using the Japanese language, in either written or oral form. Recent recipients of the fellowship are also eligible to reapply.

Priority will be given to proposals that are related to doctoral work but graduate work toward a Master’s degree will also be considered.  The grant is not meant to support language study.

Required documents:

  • CV
  • Grant proposal (no more than 5 pages, double-spaced)
  • Budget
  • Other sources of funding, pending or committed
    (Include any financial aid you are currently receiving or will receive in the following academic year such as fellowships, grants, TAships)
  • Two letters of recommendation from UC San Diego faculty
    (They may be directly submitted to by UC San Diego faculty. Please inform them of the application deadline.) 

How to submit your application:

  1. Combine your CV, grant proposal, budget, and other sources of funding into one PDF file in this order.
  2. Submit the PDF file via email at 
  3. In the subject line, type "Joseph Naiman Fellowship Application: Name (Last, First) & Home Department
  4. If your faculty will be submitting your letters of recommendation to us directly, please provide the names of your professors in your email. 

Application Deadline: May 7, 2023

Should you have any questions, contact the Japanese Studies Program at