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Registered UCSD Students Enrolling in a JAPN course

If you have never been exposed to the Japanese language, please enroll in JAPN 10A in the fall quarter.

If you have studied Japanese at school, self-studied, or speak Japanese with family and friends, you must take an online placement test to enroll in an appropriate JAPN course. You can take it any time, anywhere as long as you have internet access. See here for the URL and instructions.

All the current students must enroll in a JAPN course via WebReg during their designated enrollment periods. See TritonLink for detailed information on how to enroll in a course, add/drop a class, change a grading option, etc.


Concurrent Enrollment for Non-UC San Diego Students

If you are not a UC San Diego student but are interested in taking language courses, the Concurrent Enrollment Program, offered by UC San Diego Extension, lets you take courses without formal admission to UC San Diego. This is a great way to explore fields of study while earning transferable units.

  • Both undergraduate and graduate courses are offered
  • You can take up to 18 units (or more if you petition)
  • For details, see Concurrent Enrollment on the UC San Diego Extension website.
  • If you have additional questions, contact UC San Diego Extension directly.
       International students(UPS): 
       Domestic students:


Cross Enrollment for Non-UC San Diego Students

The Cross Enrollment Program allows undergraduate students registered at a California Community College or California State University to enroll in individual UC San Diego courses.


  • Open to undergraduates only
  • For details, see Cross Enrollment on the UC San Diego Registrar website

If you have additional questions, contact Registrar's Office at, 858-534-3150.